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Living a Self-Sustaining, Self-Sufficient, and Self-Reliant Life

Living a Self-Sustaining Life

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  • Can you have too much Rhubarb
    The question of the day is, “Can you have too much Rhubarb?”  I would say no.  I have four rhubarb patches. Patches not plants as I use a lot of rhubarb.  The other day I chopped 87 cups of rhubarbContinue reading “Home”
  • Dirty Spring Jobs
    Well, it’s time to get dirty in the garden.  February to April are perfect months to take advantage of those warm weather days.  The soil is still too cold to be tempted to plant those tender plants (here in Wyoming)Continue reading “Home”
  • Veggie Tales
    If veggie’s could talk what would they say? Would they tell you when they were thirsty? Where they would like to live? How much sun they need, water requirements, nutrients and companions? Companion planting is important to every vegetables. DifferentContinue reading “Home”